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Related post: Date: Thu, 2 young camel toes Feb 2006 13:14:28 -0800 (PST) From: Bert Carley Subject: Renaldo and Sean - Part 5The following story is fiction. It involves sexually explicit erotic events between males. If you are offended by such material or are too young, live where it is not allowed, young teens ******** don't read the story. In the world of this story, the characters do not always use condoms. Make sure you protect yourself from disease by always using a condom. Comments and suggestions can be sent to the author and Sean - Part 4 (ended with)After Renaldo picked Sean up for school at six-thirty the young ts porn next morning, he took Sean to his older brother Jesse's apartment complex. While the two of them were rolling in lust in Jesse's bed, Jesse returned earlier than normal from work, stripped nude and watched Renaldo put the meat to his boy. Needless to say, when Renaldo was all finished dropping his seed into his bitch, Jesse climbed aboard and undergraund young nude dropped lola nude young not one, but two huge loads of baby makers in Sean's love canal. Sean was young tender porn also captivated with Jesse.Jesse was very impressed with Sean and made a deal with his younger brother that he would furnish him with the apartment every morning, poppers and two reefers every day if he could have access to Sean's boy pussy young male escorts either young nymph nudes every week-day morning or afternoon after school. He wanted Sean for sex at least until his shift changed or he got a new cunt to move in to youngest girl naked take care of his sexual needs, to cook and clean.Renaldo paraded himself and Sean Too young fuck as a couple around the campus between classes to advertise the fact young male nudist that Sean was his new boy cunt. When asked if he had told his sister and parents that he was gay, Sean told them that both his sister and mom knew he liked guys, especially older, very masculine, macho, dominant and muscled guys. They made Sean promise he wouldn't come out of the closet to the older guys until he was at least eighteen years old. Since it young preeteen nude was Friday, Sean's mother was going to wait until evening to tell her husband that Sean was gay and had come out of the closet to a couple of his upper classmen at his high school. She wasn't sure how Sean's father pics girl young would take the news that his only son was gay. Renaldo finally told Sean he would have to update that age limit, because all his brothers would soon hear of him from brother Jesse and want young pissing girls some action with the blond beauty's ass too, and they all ranged from eighteen to forty-seven years old. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Renaldo and Sean - Part 5Noon went well in the van as Carlos kneeled between Jennifer's legs and ate pussy until she juiced down over his lips and chin. Then Renaldo dropped between her legs and lapped until she did it again youngest german porn over his lips and chin. By then she was moaning big time as Carlos opened his trousers, fished out his hard dick and shoved it in her pussy and began pumping her honey pot as he leaned forward and told her to lick up the mess on his face and chin.In the meantime Renaldo grabbed Sean by the hair and held him tightly to his lips and face. He spread Jennifer's juices back and forth over Sean's face, then forced his tongue into Sean's mouth and spread some of the remaining juices around and over his tongue and taste buds. Sean was obviously not pleased and began trying to pull away, but Renaldo held him firmly in place and forced him to very young sexe accept the cunt juice. Renaldo wiped as much of the remaining juices as he could over Sean's face, then pulled back and admired his handiwork. Sean's face, lips, and chin now streaked with female juices.SMACK! SMACK, resonated as Renaldo held Sean by the hair and backhanded him across the face twice with his other hand before scolding him. "Don't you ever pull away or resist me when I youngest naked young schoolgirl upskirts direct you to young beautiful legs do something - NEVER RESIST ME BITCH!" He pulled Sean's head back severely, glared down into his eyes. Without cracking so much as a smile, naked young intercourse he forced Sean's mouth open with the long fingers of his other hand and let a big long stringer of his saliva drip from his lips down into Sean's mouth. To Sean, it had the strong taste of Jennifer's cunt juice.Renaldo continued, "Now, petite young butt get down on your knees and give me a b/j, I'm so fucking horny from tasting Jennifer's bush and sweet cunt I feel like I could send a blast of jizz little young teen down your throat clear out your boy pussy."Jennifer was beginning to scream as Carlos stuffed her panties in her mouth and ordered, preeteen young porn "Quiet Bitch if you know what's good for you!" Her screams turned to low moans as young teens gratis real young porno he brought her to organism multiple times until the first one o'clock bell rang. Carlos stated, "You better be on the pill bitch, cause I'm just about ready to drop my load into your' hot cunt. "OH YEA BABY - HERE IT COMES!"Renaldo echoed, "ME TOO - DOWN THE HATCH - DRINK MY CUM BITCH - ENJOY!" He shot six, no seven strong blasts down Sean's throat, then pulled out and ordered, "Now clean up the mess with your tongue, and don't forget to clean the balls." When Sean was done lapping him clean, both Jennifer and Carlos were ready young tyflas to exit the van and head for their classes. youngs naturists kids Renaldo and Sean hurriedly pulled clothing illegal young boy in place and all four rushed off to the lockers to collect books and young nude cheerleaders get to class before the final one o'clock bell rang.After the final Friday class, Renaldo met Sean back at his locker and helped him gather his backpack with books, jacket and any weekend homework assignments, and off they went to the van. Renaldo returned to Jesse's apartment complex with Sean, hoping Jesse would be there and not off somewhere before he had to leave for work around ten o'clock p.m. young petite butts When Renaldo ushered Sean through the door to Jesse's bedroom, Jesse was still in bed cutting Z's.Renaldo whispered to Sean, "Strip, lube up well with the KY you will find in that drawer, then slip into bed with Jesse and get real friendly with him again. Lick his nipples and pits and wake him up real slow and sexy like, rubbing your hot ass against his big bronze dick. Let him do what ever he youngest boys pics wants to you babe or you he will make you pay for it severely; then when I get back I'll whip your ass again. I'll be gone for about an hour taking care of some business. You do as I say now bitch!"Renaldo wasted little teens photos young time leaving the apartment as Sean verry young pics stripped and crawled into young girl cunny bed with Jesse. Jesse hadn't younges naturists video showered yet and smelled like young girls boys a wild animal when Sean young team porno pulled back the sheet and crawled into his warmth. Jesse was on his back with one arm up younglove under his head, the other down to his side. Sean snuggled up next to his chest and gently nibbled and sucked on a nipple as he fondled his flaccid cock with his hand. Then he lowered his face into Jesse's pit hair and smothered himself in the wonderful male scent the pit provided. At first Jesse didn't stir, then suddenly his cock swelled in Sean's hand and he was all over soft young tits him, still half-asleep, but functioning sara young porn quite well sexually. He was soon lined up on his side putting his meat to Sean's hot tight pussy. He licked, chewed and sucked on Sean's neck and shoulders, adding to the many hickeys Renaldo and Carlos had already deposited on their young litle nudist fair skinned pussy boy. He draped gratis young porn his arm over Sean's side and played with his nipples. As he gained momentum, Sean began to make the little canary bird sounds he makes when he gets lusting with a dick up his ass. Sean's cock was dripping pre-cum all over the sheet until he finally blew his first load. As his boy pussy pulsated, it sent Jesse over the top to pump milf young porn a huge load of his potent seed over Sean's youngsex boys hot button.Jesse didn't even young naked naturist deflate inside Sean, as he rolled over on top of the pretty boy. He straddled, and pulled him up porn litle young into the doggy position and continued with the pussy probe, plunging in and out, setting up a rhythm. Sean soon broke into a continuous stream of steady high-pitched squeals each time Jesse struck his little hot button. Jesse was soon pounding Sean's ass hard enough that the headboard was pounding against the wall again and again. Before long both guys were making enough noise to awaken the recently deceased - Sean with his canary bird high notes and Jesse with his command of smutty, verbal obscenities directed to command and turn Sean on to his masculinity and rough cockmenship. This went on for just about the full hour Renaldo was gone on business. They eventually came together with a horny young blast of emotional lust for each other that left them both breathless and shivering. Jesse hot young titties just wrapped himself around Sean and they drifted of to sleep.When Renaldo returned, he awoke Jesse and they discussed some things in their native language before Sean cleaned himself in the bathroom, yo young nudes dressed and he and Renaldo headed out again in Christean young the van. The minute Renaldo pulled up in front of Sean's home, Sean's sister Tracy ran out the front door and approached. She was still dressed in her cosmetology uniform, but one could definitely tell she and Sean were brother and sister. Like Sean, she was a beautiful natural blond, but with big blue eyes. She had the body of a tall slender model - stunning and confident. After Sean opened the passenger's door and stepped out, he introduced Tracy to Renaldo and she stepped up on the second step so she could reach over, smile and rape young trailer shake Renaldo's hand."Glad to meet you Renaldo. Sean told mom young jeezy survivor and me last night that he had a good-looking Cuban boyfriend he met at school, but not much more other than you are a senior and the two of you are already sexually involved. You are welcome to come in the house, even stay for dinner if you like. Mom is anxious to meet you, but dad doesn't know Sean is even gay yet; so you and Sean will have to be gay young free discreet around him for awhile until mom tells him tonight that Sean is gay and has his first gay boyfriend."Renaldo's voice rose in volume, "STOP TALKING TRACY! I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT I AM NOT GAY - MAYBE A BIT OVERSEXED, BUT DEFINITELY NOT GAY. I DIG CHICKS MOSTLY, BUT ONLY FUCK AROUND WITH THE VERY PRETTY AND EFFEMINATE BOYS. SEAN STOCKED ME FOR WEEKS, UNTIL I FINALLY CORNERED HIM ALONE IN A REMOTE BATHROOM AT SCHOOL. AT FIRST I WAS GOING TO MESS HIM UP A BIT AS I HAVE HAD TO DO WITH OTHER QUEER BOYS, BUT HE petite nudist young IS SO PRETTY, I JUST COULDN'T MESS WITH HIS FACE. IT ENDED UP THAT I LET HIM SUCK MY BIG CUBAN DICK. TURNED OUT HE IS A NATURAL - TOOK TO IT IMMEDIATELY. LATER, CARLOS, MY BEST FRIEND AND I BROUGHT HIM neil young albums OUT COMPLETELY IN THE BACK OF THE VAN. HE CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF US NOW SINCE I BUSTED HIS CHERRY AND WE TURNED HIM ON TO OUR BIG UNCIRCUMCISED CUBAN COCKS. HE LIKES TO SUCK COCK, BUT young sweet nudist LOVES AND CRAVES ANAL SEX SO MUCH, HE SCREAMS LIKE A BITCH IN HEAT WHEN WE SCREW HIS PRETTY BOY PUSSY." His voice quieted down as he continued, "Maybe you too would like some big juicy Cuban cock Tracy! YES? - You want to see it maybe? Here, I show you!" He squeezed and pulled the material of his trousers over the long appendage that youngest children porn hung down his left thigh so she could see how well endowed his was through the young ******** girls gathered material of his trousers.Tracy's mouth dropped open. She couldn't help but gawk at it as Renaldo's cock stiffened up and tented in his trousers. She never said a word, just continued to watch as he turned in his seat, rose to his feet and stepped to the rear of the van. He pulled off his shirt first, exposing his massive muscles and tattoos. Then he unbuttoned the waist button on his trousers, lowered the zipper and slowly began to open the flap. He wore no boxers. His huge dick popped out and stuck out at a forty-five degree angle and gay young teens dripped cock snot from the end of the long foreskin. He let his trousers drop to his ankles and slowly pulled the foreskin back off the huge purple head, exposing the reddish purple glands. He stroked the shaft a couple young petite latinas of times until all 11 inches were presented in clear xxx young japanese view. He then cupped his low hangers in his hand and lifted young banned nude them a couple of times before stretching them down tightly before he released them and let them slap back up making his huge large veined dick bounce in excitement."Sean loves this big juicer inside his tight ass Tracy! Maybe you like to feel it now! Go ahead and touch it girl - I know you want to feel how soft and warm it feels." He tgp young sex put his hand out and grabbed her by the hand and pulled her over the seat into youngest incest porn his arms. What seemed like seconds later, he had his young outdoor nudes hand cupped over hers wrapped around young 16 porn his dick, slowly stroking his cock as he sniffed her golden locks and nibbled on her ear. Like Sean, she had her nose to his chest and just melted into him. He cupped a hand over her breast and massaged it gently, young porn us then removed his hand from over hers and lifted her skirt up to find she wasn't wearing any young teen ilegal underpants. She continued to squeeze and slowly stroke. He stuck a finger in her young teens topsites mouth and let her moisten it, only to use it to slowly work it up into her honey pot and tease her little man in the boat until he was sitting up straight, hard and tall. "Not here Tracy baby! It's way too public! To the house now" He planted a big wet kiss on her lips and released her from his hold. Renaldo pulled his pants up and stuffed his softening dick down inside the material of his left free young sluts thigh again. He zipped, buttoned the waistband closed, pulled his sleeveless tee over his head, and slid underground young petite the young hairless side door open to exit. He stepped out, then helped Tracy out on to the sidewalk to join Sean who was still standing there at the open passenger door observing his sister being courted openly in front of him by his own boyfriend. He knew better now to make any remark that might anger his dominant Cuban stud.Renaldo turned to Sean and ordered, "Sean, run ahead and go to naked young africans your room, get nude, grease up and then join Tracy and me in her bedroom." He turned to Tracy and said, "Tracy you lead the way to your bedroom." He followed Tracy, playing grab ass with her ass all the way up the inside stairs. After they were in free young japaese her bedroom, he began to strip again, as he asked, "I don't like rubbers babe! You best be on the pill or use a vaginal membrane! If not, I'll just have to pull out and shoot all over your beaver."Tracy quickly responded, "I'm on the pill big guy - clean, safe and hot to trot most of the time! Like my little brother, I like my men russian young prereens big, macho, masculine and hung big and juicy." She was already removing her clothing and nearly nude when Sean walked young teen virgin in nude with a big smile on his face.Renaldo ordered, "You two up here on the bed youngest ebony girls and start making my dick happy." He flopped himself nude on his back right in the middle of Tracy's bed and waited for their foreplay to begin. "Come on girls - young sexe art give daddy some sugar and spice!" Tracy snuggled up next to him and began sweet and young to lick and suck on his nipples, then his lips. Sean zeroed in on his cock and balls - licking, sucking and young swedish thumbs gently chewing and running his tongue up into hot young mom the long foreskin and tasting the cock snot that was gathering in the warm skinned pocket.Before long he ordered, "OK girls - that is enough foreplay for this man. Tracy, you get on your knees, straddle my face and lower your cunt into my young ladies undressing tongue so I can taste young hentay of you for awhile babe^. Sean, you straddle me, lower yourself on me, and pleasure yourself illegal young angels riding the wild stallion. Come on younger cunt Girls - Get moving before I young gay cock have to tan your bare hides. I expect to be rewarded with total submission to my orders. NOW GET young hairless 14y BUSY!"Tracy began to moan with pleasure as Renaldo's magic tongue brought her youngest asian nude to her first organism. Sean quickly bounced in the saddle, rising and lowering his boy cunt over the huge stallion dick. He began to make the high-pitched screams as he got closer and closer to shooting his load. Soon Sean was in an uncontrollable lust that let him loose all youngteen kinky his inhibitions. He leaned forward just enough to wrap his hands around Tracy and fondled her breasts and nipples with his palms and fingers. She leaned back against Sean as he brought himself to a massive climax. His pussy pulsated as shot after shot of his juice young gurls covered his sister's backside and ran down into the crack of her ass. The powerful pulsation's sent Renaldo's cock into a huge milking frenzy, as blast after blast of his male seed warmed Sean's sperm depositary.Sean and Tracy exchanged positions. Tracy rode Renaldo's huge cock to a couple of massive climaxes as Sean faced her and lowered his boy pussy full of seed down over big daddy's face and magic tongue. Renaldo ate out his own jizz from Sean's pulsating pussy lips. After Renaldo dropped his load into Tracy, she climbed off and left to clean up so she could start dinner before her mom arrived from work. Renaldo lifted Sean into the doggy position and fucked his pussy boy again. After dismounting Sean, he exited to the bathroom and jumped into the shower stall for a clean up. While he was showering, Sean joined him and managed to get him hard enough again to drop another load of Cuban jizz down Sean's talented throat.Renaldo didn't stay for dinner as Tracy had planned that evening. He was long gone in his van before youngest nude porn mom or dad either returned from work. Free lesbian young Later that night Sean told Tracy about Renaldo's older brother Jesse. She got all excited when she learned that he might be looking for a new live-in, someone to move young girls beach in with him and get her pussy fucked by another big hot Cuban dick on old young porno a regular basis.Late that evening Sean's cell phone rang. It was Renaldo telling him he wanted to speak to Tracy for a few minutes before he gave him some instructions for the following morning, which was Saturday. Sean knocked on the bathroom door leading to Tracy's room, then entered and handed her his cell phone, saying, "Renaldo wants to talk to you Tracy." When Renaldo and Tracy were finished talking, she handed the phone back to Sean and said, "Renaldo thinks Jesse will want to meet me tomorrow; so he invited me to accompany you and him to his apartment in the morning. He said you and I should dress expecting to clean up his apartment if we want to impress Jesse with our female cleaning abilities. You know how much we both like to clean house young erection nudist little brother."They both busted youngest nasty porno out laughing! Sean added, "When you get a look at Jesse, you will want to do what ever he wants girl - just you wait and see! Well anyway, "I wonder if mom has had her talk with dad yet this evening. tiny young I'm getting a bit nervous. You know how he can be sometimes. I'm going young cute kids to bed now Tracy. young nude angel Good night!" Please let me know young loita where you live in your emails. Thanks!
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